Out Of Context And Made Up Movie Reviews To Be Looked At By FTC

from the creative-quoting dept

While most semi-intelligent people know by now not to believe the movie critic “quotes” they see in movie ads, the FTC has decided it might be time to crack down on deceptive movie advertising that takes reviewers who say, “though it was all intended as good fun, it’s about as much fun as getting hit by a bus” and quote it in their ad as “Good fun!”. It also brings up the issue of studios who made up reviewers to serve their own purposes (though, public disgrace following exposure has cleaned up some of that practice). While it’s not clear what the FTC will do (and some don’t think they’ll do anything), they may try to insist that the studios be a little more truthful in their advertising. Of course, in the end, they’re always going to be able to find some movie critic sucker who wants to be quoted, and who will say whatever they want in exchange for more free movie tickets.

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