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European Kids, And Their Text Messaging Ways

from the keep-those-thumbs-moving dept

If you’ve been following the wireless space at all, you know that text messaging has caught on like wildfire in Europe (unlike in the US), and, not at all surprisingly, it’s the kids who send most of the text messages. This article doesn’t say too much new about any of that, but I still thought it was interesting to read a few more examples of how kids are integrating it into their lives, and how natural it is for them. The article begins by saying that boys now ask girls out by sending them text messages – and that the girls prefer this, so they don’t have to make an immediate response over the phone or in person. One of my first thoughts on reading this (after recalling the absolute terror that went through my brain the first time I called a girl to ask her out many years ago) was how nice such a system would have been when I was that age. It’s fascinating to see how technology changes the way in which people interact, and I can’t wait to see what the people who were raised on such technologies do with it when they reach adulthood.

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