FCC's Powell Wants To Help Consumers

from the sure-he-does... dept

I’ve now read three different versions of FCC Commissioner Michael Powell’s comments to lawmakers today concerning his regulation/deregulation plans when it comes to the telecom industry, and I can only conclude that he didn’t really say much at all. Each of the articles interpreted his comments differently, and the more of them that I read, the more empty they all sound. He basically said that the FCC wouldn’t do anything “melodramatic”, but that he’s “concerned” about some things. In the end, of course, he says he’s only doing what he’s doing to help consumers. None of this is surprising or new. I don’t think that Powell really is looking to screw over consumers. In fact, it seems both sides are sure that their solution (open up the networks, close the networks) will help consumers more. In the end, thanks to strong political pressure from both sides, we’ll probably end up with a “compromise” solution that will ensure that nothing useful actually happens.

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