Tivo Is God

from the deification-of-technology dept

Geodog writes “Michael Powell, Federal Communications Chairman (and son of Secretary of State Powell) was quoted today as saying “Tivo is God’s machine.” If I watched much TV, I bet I would like Tivo, but I don’t know about loving it. While I know a lot of geeks who do love their Tivo’s, I suspect that the deity may have other preferences. In any case, I suspect this quote will delight Silicon Valley and put fear into the hearts of Hollywood. “

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Comments on “Tivo Is God”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

The Ten Satanic Truths

What if:

1. Hollywood gets lobbyists to declare TiVo illegal?

2. Hollywood interests buy out Tivo?

3. Or in the “optimistic” scenario, Tivo really does win out, and Hollywood is devastated. Then will we go into a post-media era, when there is no money in making shows or movies, therefore everything becomes really low-budget and low-quality? High-budget films like LOTR or Star Wars become a relic of the past. TV/movies become an entertainment venue for the lower classes, full of shows that feel like long infomercials.

4. Hollywood just changes its TV/movie format, so there is always an advertisement box in the corner of the screen.

5. Hollywood teams up with the cable industry to raise rates, so that even if Tivo can skip ads, they make up for it through higher subscription rates.

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