Radio Ditches Webcasts En Masse

from the even-the-big-guys-are-going-away dept

I’m sure the RIAA is particularly happy these days. They’ve almost completed their completely backwards and self-defeating mission of killing internet radio. While some have managed to stay online despite the new fee system, plenty have gone offline, including many of Clear Channel’s stations, who (due to the new pay requirements) are forced to pay for the streams out of their own local revenue. Now, I’m sure for many people out there, the loss of some Clear Channel carbon copy stations is no loss – but it’s a sign that even the largest radio station company can’t afford to set up online radio streams based on the new RIAA fees. When will the RIAA realize that things like internet radio promote their artists? It’s almost comical at how badly the RIAA misunderstands the difference between promotions and products.

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