Macintosh: An Acquired Taste

from the not-for-everyone dept

An editor over at reports back from MacWorld where he doesn’t quite understand all the excitement over the new Apple announcements. He can’t figure out how people can get quite so excited about products that appear to be copies of products on the PC. He admits that they might be slightly nicer, but the PC side of things are “good enough” already. They meet the needs of people at a reasonable price point, and they’re standardized enough that they can be used everywhere. The Apple stuff may be aiming for “perfection”, but most people don’t need it. He points out that Keynote doesn’t seem any more impressive than PowerPoint, which has been around forever. The two new notebooks machines are also aren’t much more impressive than PC notebooks in their class. He just doesn’t quite understand the infatuation with which the Mac fans eat up every new announcement. I’m sure he will be hearing from the rabid MacFanatics who don’t take discouraging remarks lightly.

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Comments on “Macintosh: An Acquired Taste”

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Steve says:

it probably is an acquired taste

I use all kinds of OS’s but still prefer the Mac the best. The more you work with it, the more you appreciate the little things that usually just seem to be better thought out from the beginning. Software typically isn’t buggy–MS seems to continuously charge for should be considered beta software. But for most people, as you say, good enough is good enough, especially given the pricepoint and popularity of Windows. Mac geeks get excited about Macworld announcements because it’s fun–a couple of times a year, there’s a bunch of new products, and some attention to their OS of choice. Of course it’s also about pulling for the underdog, fighting the man and all of that. It’s really not that hard to figure out.

I was rather perplexed by his final comments about MS & Intel getting standards better than Apple. Sorry but that’s just plain a crock, MS has never been about standards but rather getting a monopoly and dictating it’s own proprietary standards to the world. Intel has been the same way, with marketing dictating processor naming and releases, proprietary extensions put in not because of technological superiority but to out market the competition. Apple has been about as good as a for profit company can be at publishing open standards for the world to use. Of course that has made them sort of the lovable loser, lots of innovation and great technology but dropping the ball on marketing or application.

Kelvron says:

Re: Re: it probably is an acquired taste

The Macintosh clone market was killed by Jobs back around ’97. He ended the licensing of the MacOS to computer makers within months of his return. The clones were actually doing a pretty good job in of themselves, but instead of helping expand the Macintosh market share, they were just digging into Apple’s market share. That’s why they were eliminated.

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