Nintendo Shows "Luxury" Model GameBoy Portable

from the just-what-we-need dept

For years, I’ve heard people say that it would be cool if their PDAs had “Gameboy-functionality”. I’d also heard some people wonder why Nintendo didn’t add PDA functionality to their Gameboys. This AP article is suggesting that they’re taking at least one step in that direction by making the new Gameboy look more like a PDA with a foldable lid. The article suggests that they’re hoping the design will make more adults pick up the device, to expand beyond their core market (though, it’s unclear if that’s just the opinion of the AP writer, or if Nintendo said anything to that effect). The article also seems a little misleading about what the device looks like. The actual pictures of the device don’t look all that PDA-like. It’s just a different design with a foldable clam shell type look. If anything, I think the original Gameboy looked more like a Palm device than this one does.

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