Few Are Lining Up For Their Money From CD Settlement

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After the Wall Street companies agreed to pay up for misleading the public over investment advice, one of the questions people kept asking was how much of the settlement money would make it back to the public? It seems that the same questions were asked when the music industry agreed to settle their price-fixing case, and pay up a few million dollars. Some of that money actually belongs to you (between $5 and $20), if you bought any music products from a retail store between 1995 and 2000. However, very few people have signed up to be part of that group. They’ve been advertising for people to sign up, which hasn’t worked. Now, it seems they’re going with a PR strategy, which will probably work bettter. I wonder how much of the hesitation from people to sign up has to do with the fact that the website form asks for quite a bit of information and doesn’t seem to have a noticeable privacy policy concerning the info they collect.

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Comments on “Few Are Lining Up For Their Money From CD Settlement”

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1 Comment
todd says:


well, I just submitted my claim, fudging slightly on info such as last 4 of ss, and birth date, as I always do — “under penalty of perjury” of course (a crime that is prosecuted less often than jaywalking).

I am curious as to why they needed that info and will certainly be interested to see if my claim is rejected by some back-end checking.

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