Building Anything On Top Of A DVD Player

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Everyone knows that the popular consumer electronics device this year is the DVD player. Even my parents got around to buying one (which is a bigger deal than you might imagine). Consumer electronics makers have realized that in order to get other devices into the hands of consumers, they might as well build them on top of DVD players. So, while there are the standard combo DVD/VHS players, there are also DVD players that will access your MP3 files and even a portable DVD player (coming out under the Jeep brand) that will come with a lantern, emergency flasher and (best of all) an audio mosquito repellent. Seems pretty gimmicky to me, but you get the idea. For a while I’ve been saying that PVR functionality, like TiVo, would be the core of any “home media center”, but mabye I was a bit hasty. It seems that the DVD player is taking on that role.

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Comments on “Building Anything On Top Of A DVD Player”

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Tatum says:

But what happens if...

The next Tivo launch includes a DVD player? And why doesn’t the initial release of Sonicblue’s DVD player have their PVR software on it if it’s got a processor and a HD?
Geez, there’s going to be a lot of cool devices out in the next couple of years that do a LOT of different things. Maybe I won’t have to buy a new A/V center next year to hold all my equipment. Although, I do like the look of several stacked components. 😉

al says:

Re: Re: But what happens if...

There already are though I have some suspicions that Hollywood/RIAA have severely limited the potentials of what these puppies could have done. A couple of models were in a NYT article a few weeks back (purchase of article required). But a quick search came up with several good models. and

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