White House To Propose System For Wide Monitoring Of Internet

from the you-have-no-privacy-anywhere dept

The latest sign that the government here couldn’t care any less about individual privacy rights is the apparent suggestion in the upcoming Presidential report on cybersecurity. According to the NY Times, the latest version of this document includes a recommendation that would require all ISPs to link into a central system where all of the data that crosses over their networks could be tracked. In other words, spy central. There doesn’t seem to be much concern that (1) this would cost a ridiculous amount to set up properly (2) this is probably unconstitutional (that old “search and seizure” bit) and (3) it’s unlikely this would actually be useful for anything other than obscuring what was really important. How hard is it to get across the idea that “more data” does not mean “smarter data”? In fact, more data tends to hide the important data. Of course, in the war against terrorism, anything goes…

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