HP Board Creates Tech Committees

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In a surprising move, it seems that Hewlett Packard’s board has created a special technology subcommittee and a technology advisory board who have the job of making sure the company doesn’t miss out on any important technology trends. I think this is a great idea in theory, but I wonder how well it will work in practice. I think too many companies don’t have anyone looking at larger trends and how it will effect their business (witness the entertainment industry, for example). The folks they have included are certainly impressive, but I wonder if some of them are too high up to spot certain trends early enough.

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Comments on “HP Board Creates Tech Committees”

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dorpus says:

Tech City

Didn’t hp or Compaq propose building some humongous “Tech City” campus in South San Jose back during the dot com era? They also talked about building a new futuristic high-tech city next to Fresno with a fiber optic connection to every home.

It did have that pipe dream feel to it, like those science shows of the 1970s that predicted we would have cities in space by the year 2000.

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