E-Commerce Search Engine Strategies

from the how-long-term-is-that dept

An Anonymous Coward writes “Considering all of the media focus on online shopping for the holidays, thought this Internet Retailer story about e-commerce player HomeClick and the company?s winning search engine strategy might be of interest.” The company basically believes that by providing the cheapest prices on high-end goods, and tying in to various search engines, they’ll do well without having to build up their own brand name. So far, that’s been successful. I wonder, though, if they’ll face other problems. I know that, recently at least, I’ve been hesitant to buy goods from online retailers I’ve never heard of. I’m not so worried about getting scammed by the retailers directly, but am concerned about the security of their databases. Especially with high-end items, you would think people would be willing to pay a little bit more to get it from a trusted retailer.

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