Europe's ISPs Overrun With Takedown Orders

from the so-helpful dept

Europe’s version of the part of the DMCA that says ISPs are required to take down online info if informed that it violates a copyright is apparently overwhelming ISPs there. They’re complaining that they’re getting tons of takedown notices, and they’re worried about the legal consequences. They’re specifically scared of being caught in the legal crossfire, but there is still the much larger issue concerning exactly why everyone is guilty until proven innocent on the web?

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Comments on “Europe's ISPs Overrun With Takedown Orders”

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1 Comment
Lorenzo says:

Ip protection works like spam ...

quoting from PE weekwire daily mail of 12/10

-MarkMonitor, a Boise, Idaho-based provider of online management of intellectual property, today announced that it has secured $7 million in its second round of equity financing from Foundation Capital.

if you check their webiste, apparently they re a search engine used to look for brands in metatags.

Fair enough but, $7 million to finance a search engine these days, crazy if were not that lawyers make truckloads of money by spamming C&D letters to whomever their searches got showing trademarks and brands, and they kick-back peanuts to the searches provider…

LawyersIP are the ultimate spammers, the most profitable spammers.

And the web is becoming a sorry place if people pours money into oppressive defense of IP, rather than creating IP value

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