Broadband Users Use More Internet

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Not quite sure how this could possibly be surprising, but it turns out that people who have broadband access in the US tend to surf more. They go online more often, and surf more web pages when they do. Does that mean the so-called “killer app” for broadband has just been “more web pages”? Of course, as the broadband providers start experimenting with new business models involving usage caps, they may kill this trend off.

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Comments on “Broadband Users Use More Internet”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

This just in

People who visit All-you-can-eat buffets often times eat more than they would in a normal restaurant.
Also just handed to me, people who purchase 5000 minute cell phone plans tend to talk more on their cell phones than people who buy 300 minute plans.
Please note, the sarcasm is intended to be pointed towards the original story, and not towards Mike.

Richard says:

Usage based plans

Other than the obvious, why would a provider think that the informed consumer would tolerate a usage based plan for internet access? Seems to me that this would do far more damage than good in the bigger picture.
Sure the Telcos/MSO’s that are charging by usage have potential upside in the sub base, but what about the potential downside created by a drop off in things like E-Commerce or other internet based sub services (Music and Movies come to mind)?
I hope I’m not too far off topic here, but I think this is a big mistake. Further confused by ventures like Cometa and Boingo.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Usage based plans

No, I don’t think this is off-topic at all. It’s a topic that comes up quite often, and I completely agree with you.

The companies that are doing this are begging competitors to come in and offer plans that consumers actually want (what a concept!). Of course, when they have monopolies they realize they can do whatever they want…

For example, if I want broadband internet to my home, I’m still limited to AT&T Broadband – unless a new company wants to come along and see how quickly I can put them out of business.

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