Anti-Pornography Filters Can Block Some Health Sites

from the not-that-surprising dept

Another topic that seems to come up around here a lot is the question about internet filters that simply don’t work. The latest is a new study that has found that filters that are supposed to be blocking pornography are, instead, often blocking health sites. The study’s authors even think that sites that publish the details of the study itself, may soon get blocked.

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Comments on “Anti-Pornography Filters Can Block Some Health Sites”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:


Then there are “medical” sites that are really porno sites too. Like the old ones for “Crispy” the burn victim, or “History of the Vagina” — where they did a medical experiment at University of Pittsburgh Medical School to evaluate the psychological effects of stuffing mud, rocks, and jelly donuts up the vaginas of 10 volunteer women. (7 of them developed neurosis.) Archaeological evidence suggests the ancient Indians used the vagina as a tobacco pouch.

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