The World According To Google

from the everyone-is-big-brother dept

Newsweek has apparently just discovered Google, and feels the need to explain what it is to the three or four people out there who haven’t yet discovered how useful Google is. It covers all the typical ground that every other on Google from the past four years has covered. However, it does make one good point: with all the hype over the “Total Information Awareness” program that the US Government is trying to put in place, Google has made it so that anyone can be “Big Brother”…

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Comments on “The World According To Google”

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1 Comment
Lorenzo says:

No Subject Given

I have seen a lot of mainstream media in Italy who just “discovered” google and run stories, like first page of Italian best selling newspaper telling how 167 million sites are related to google serach “sex”, or suddenly Tv news showing search rankings from google …

my guess is they stepped up efforts for general news coverage of their biz, maybe ahead of IPO or stuff like that, or simply moved to a more effective PR agency.

And, I agree most people using the web know google, but a big chunk of investors don t use the web really and might not have heard about it, so “porting” google craze to those people would require getting massively into traditional media.

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