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Posts may be a little slow from me today as I’m at Kevin Werbach’s Supernova Conference. Instead of blogging it live, I’m actually trying to pay attention (with varying degress of success). Besides, there are about a thousand other bloggers here. If you’re interested in keeping up, there’s the official Supernova blog along with a Supernova group blog. Then, there are all the standard bloggers who seem to live to blog conferences like this. Dan Gillmore has his running notes, Cory’s got comments on BoingBoing. Doc Searls usually does a good job conference blogging as well. So far, my only comment is that it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect it to be with the people who are here. That was my fear in coming here in the first place – that instead of really discussing the very interesting topics, we would rehash the same arguments that have been made before, with the same characters saying the same things. Mostly, there’s a lot of preaching to the converted. The arguments are the same arguments that have come up before – and people aren’t necessarily looking for answers so much as promoting their own agenda. It’s too bad, really. Hopefully, it will get better.

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