The Best Way To Lace Your Shoes – Scientifically Proven

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Okay, I’ll admit this isn’t so much a tech story, but it’s amusing enough that I felt it’s worth a quick post. It seems that a mathematician spent some of his time figuring out what the best way to lace up your shoes is. It’s apparently not the two most common methods (the “criss-cross” or the “straight”) but a little-known and little-used method called the “bow tie method”. It apparently uses the least amount of lace. While the other methods may be stronger, for those of us concerned with efficient use of lace space, the bow tie is the way to go (I’ve already changed my sneakers).

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Comments on “The Best Way To Lace Your Shoes – Scientifically Proven”

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dorpus says:

depends on...

if you want to be able to untie the knot, then yes. Navy SEALs are known to tie shoelaces in square knots when jumping from planes, because the wind would blow shoes right off. When removing shoes, they just cut the laces off with a K-Bar knife.

And then there were the velcro shoes of the 1980s, which made “shoelaces obsolete”. A true geek still wears those with no socks, so his ankles can buck and wobble (geek-gait).

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