Be Careful What You Put In Out-Of-Office Emails

from the say-what? dept

Someone in the UK seems to have come up with an idea for a potential scam, and then decided it was important to warn everyone of the possibility of the scam coming true. Nevermind that there’s no evidence that anyone is actually doing this. So, a warning is going out to workers not to put too much info in your “out of office” email message when you go on vacation this holiday season. They’re afraid that someone will use that info to figure out when you’re away from your home and then break in. Seems like a long shot to me. However, they suggest you don’t say that you’re away, but just direct calls to a colleague (as if the dimwitted scammers who would do this can’t see through this elaborate ruse). They also suggest (here’s the really helpful part) that you don’t put your home address in an “out-of-office” email. Huh? Did anyone ever put their home address in such an email? If so, they probably deserve to be robbed.

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