Video Game College Isn't Fun And Games

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I’ve seen plenty of articles over the past few years about DigiPen, the university for video games, but the latest one, from USA Today shows that getting a degree in video games isn’t the sort of fun and games you might expect. The college works hard to make sure that prospective students know that it’s a very difficult program that has very little to do with playing (or even making) video games all day. While 24,000 people request information on how to apply, only 500 tend to apply for 200 spots each year. However, getting through the program isn’t very easy either. Only 36 people graduated from the program last year.

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Comments on “Video Game College Isn't Fun And Games”

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dorpus says:

Yup, writing video games isn't much fun

Took a graduate course on computer graphics, back when “VRML” was the standard for advanced graphics programming. What a nightmare.

In the gaming industry, techies are mostly just the mechanics who implement the creative work done by commercial-artist types. Lots of assembly language coding and mucking around with low-level operating system stuff. Techies may posture about their “creative” work and supposed artistic talents, but the cool graphics and sounds were really made by effeminate Asian guys with earrings who boss the techies around.

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