Derided Computer Plan Clicks With Maine Students

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When Maine’s governor first announced his plans to give every student in the state a laptop computer, people told him he was crazy. Now, however, that the plan is underway it seems that many of the sketpics have changed their minds. The students love the computers, and parents feel that their children are receiving a better educational experience. While I’m sure not everyone is thrilled with the program, it certainly sounds like it was well planned, and so far, has turned out much better than expected. What will be interesting is to see how it works over time, and if other states begin to offer similar plans.

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Comments on “Derided Computer Plan Clicks With Maine Students”

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1 Comment
ReynaPineda says:

I strongly agree

I’m glad that this expieriment has worked out for you guys. I am writting an essay on why we should change from paper and pencil to laptops and would love to know how this has worked out for you. I belive that this change will help our school very much. I’d love to hear from you and know the ups and downs of this fantastic expieriment.

Reyna Pineda

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