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Zemeckis Rewriting How Movies Are Made

from the and-Hollywood-is-running-scared-as-usual dept

Is there any new technology that doesn’t scare Hollywood? Apparently, people there are up in arms over Robert Zemeckis’ latest film. He wants to create a live action movie without any live action. The idea is to film actors covered in sensors in front of a blank screen, and then drop in all the sets and stuff digitally, while creating a digital composite of the actors themselves. While other animated films have used actions modeled on human motion, they were never done by the actual actors themselves. Apparently, though, all sorts of people in Hollywood are worried that Zemeckis won’t need their help with such a production. The Director’s Guild of America has “aired their concerns” to Zemeckis. Is this whole industry based on the concept that unnecessary people and business models have to be kept around indefinitely? If they’re not needed, why not get rid of them?

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