Developing Terror Beepers

from the waste-of-time dept

LittleW0lf writes “Posted on 2600 News, but relevant here too, apparently a non-profit organization feels that it would be better to spend our tax payer money coming up with all sorts of ways for the government to warn us about terrorist attacks

Essentially this organization would like to see a full all-hazard warning system built (much like the Emergency Alert System (EAS) or NOAA Weather Radio, but far more invasive) which has the capability of getting sent out through every electronic device from cell phone to television.

The potential misuse for this technology is built into the problem, the government isn’t very careful about making sure that every potential threat which is announced should be announced. How many times do we have to hear about a warning that doesn’t come to fruition before we begin to ignore the warning? Crying wolf over and over again will likely keep the society in general from acting when the real event occurs, as well as destroying public confidence and turning us into much more of a police state as well as a people afraid to leave our houses in the morning. “

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