Anti-Spam Is Becoming The New Anti-Virus Industry

from the ugh dept

The Register has an article talking about how too many spam filters catch legitimate emails, but the more interesting point they make is that the anti-spam industry is becoming this decade’s anti-virus industry. Their point is that there are a bunch of players all coming out with solutions at once, and there’s little-to-no information on how well any of them actually perform. There’s also no evidence that any of the commercial solutions are any better than (or even equal to) the free/open source solutions. I’m sure some studies will come out eventually, but the comparison of the two industries will be interesting to follow. Will the anti-spam companies start (or, perhaps, continue) to overhype the amount of spam people get and the damage it does, just like the antivirus industry does? It’s also another industry where the really successful company would put itself out of business by stopping the pain their protecting people from.

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