Segways Banned In San Francisco

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San Francisco has the reputation for being friendly to technology – but that may change a bit now that they’re becoming the first city in the country to specifically ban the Segway scooter from sidewalks, saying it posed a safety threat. California state law has already said they’re okay on sidewalks, and this law would overrule the state one. However, Mayor Willie Brown may veto the ruling, saying that it would hurt San Francisco’s reputation as a tech-friendly city. Of course, if you’ve been to San Francisco lately, you may wonder what the board of supervisors is doing wasting their time banning and extremely expensive scooter that very few people can afford when they should be working on cleaning up the damn city.

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Comments on “Segways Banned In San Francisco”

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Rusty (user link) says:

Banned Segues

This is because San Francisco is a Transit First city. Originally passed to discourace the use of cars, instead, this has only discouraged the use of bikes, skate boards, and- through our unwritten unwalkable sidewalks policy- walking. So of course this was a given.

For the record, not all SF sidewalks suck, just most of the ones in Soma and the Mission. Willie takes care of the ones out in Hunters Point, if not just to keep the spilt blood from staining the concrete…

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