Save Your Spam For The Spam Archive

from the i'll-have-your-spam-i-love-it dept

Although I appreciate all of the nice spammers trying to improve my life by 656%, I could definitely do without the huge amount of spam I get in my inbox every day. Now someone has decided to create a Spam Archive to save and catalog the spam that is out there. I wonder if he’s going to start a taxonomical study of the spam out there, but I’ll be interested to see if he actually does pull any useful data out of it all. At the very least, it’d be amusing enough to waste a quiet wednesday afternoon at work.

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Comments on “Save Your Spam For The Spam Archive”

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whit says:

Spam Analysis...

Brings back memories of my own half-completed projects. A year or two ago, I set up a process that was reading through all of the spam that I received and doing word frequency counts on it.

The top terms were just dumped onto a Web page every day, but the long term goal was to link that information to the output from a process that pulled the top news stories from a few sources…see what kind of correlations and trends show up when comparing the daily spam to the daily news.

Now that I’m thinking about it again, I should try to dig up the code; fun and possibly interesting. 🙂

dorpus says:

Spam may be worth lots of money in the future

In a future when keyboards, ASCII art, or even e-mail be anachronisms, spam could be worth as much as 19th century commercial flyers are today. Copyrights to spam letters will be snapped up at auctions by greedy collectors, who will then have the right to print wall papers, shower curtains, clothes made out of spam messages.

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