Homebound But Plugged In… Wirelessly

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The Washington Post has an article about a group of seniors at a nursing home that connect to the outside world using the internet. They have a fixed wireless connection to their building, attached to a Wi-Fi system that lets them have access to the internet wherever they want. It’s certainly an indication that things like wireless technologies are starting to catch on beyond just the early adopters.

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Comments on “Homebound But Plugged In… Wirelessly”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Brain Tumor Scare

Wireless technologies will surely spawn a new generation of urban legends, similar to the notion that cell phones cause brain tumors. The “activist” crowd opposed to GM crops or world trade will focus their attention on destroying wireless internet facilities, to “stop mind control technologies” or whatever.

The panicked masses will lobby politicians, who will then demand “scientific investigations”. Huckster-scientists will publish results that support whatever the masses want to hear, and the legend will become eternal. Women will step forth, claiming they got deformed babies because of wireless internet technologies, so the government will impose huge fines on technology companies.

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