Launches Ad Program That Waives Subscriptions

from the experimenting dept

Continuing their search for a business model that will let them survive a little longer, Salon is now trying a new model that will let people view their premium content without paying the subscription fee – if they agree to watch a series of advertisements first. By watching the ads, and clicking in certain places (not quite sure how that works), the viewer gets a “free” 12 hour pass to look at all Salon content. It’s nice to see them experimenting, but it doesn’t sound like people will be rushing to try this out, either.

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Comments on “ Launches Ad Program That Waives Subscriptions”

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1 Comment
Mary says:

No Subject Given

Actually, it’s really easy and has been around for a couple of weeks (when I noticed it).

You click on an article that is “premium-only”. It shows you the first paragraph of the article (as per normal). Then it has a “wanna read more?” – invitation to subscribe OR get access via a free day pass from sponsor (currently Mercedes-Benz). You click on the free day pass, look at the four screen commercial (ooh, pretty car). And ta-da. You can see all of the articles.

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