Amazon's Meter Fails To Delight Analysts

from the playing-with-the-analysts dept

Do you get the feeling that Amazon is playing games with financial analysts out there? Every year for the past few years, they’ve put up their “delight-o-meter” which tracks how many sales they make during the holiday season. This tiny bit of (mostly) useless information is driving financial analysts crazy. They apparently try to use that information to figure out how good business is for Amazon – but always seem to discover that they can’t tell. The tally only says how many items are sold – not how much they cost, or what the margins are, or even what types of items they are. As someone says, after 800 items tick by, you have no clue if it’s 800 DVDs or 800 DVD players… My guess is this is Amazon’s way of playing a little joke on all those analysts who are always trying to push Amazon around.

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