Will 'Adver-Gaming' Take Off?

from the advereverything dept

As advertisers are beginning to realize that their traditional methods of advertising by simply shoving annoying messages in the face of consumers isn’t getting the results they’d like, they’re starting to get more creative about how they approach advertising. One way to do so is to actually give consumers (gasp!) something they want, in exchange for getting your brand name or brand image across to them. This is the sort of thing that made BMW create the successful BMWFilms project. Now, it seems many companies are testing out “adver-gaming” where they offer an online game on their website. The games sometimes promote their products (such as Toyota’s racing game) and sometimes just promote the brand (such as a FoxSports baseball game). Whether or not these specific promotion succeed, it’s good to see that advertisers aren’t sitting still and complaining that new technology has destroyed their ability to market to consumers (something that Hollywood seems to have embraced).

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