Supreme Court Mulls Library Net Filtering

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Back in May libraries were told that they no longer needed to filter all web access in order to receive federal funds. It didn’t take long for the Justice Department to appeal that ruling, and now the Supreme Court has agreed to review the case. This means, of course, that we won’t hear a final decision for quite some time. Hopefully, the Court will realize that no matter how good or bad the filters are (and most admit that they’re pretty bad), this should be a local issue that the libraries decide for themselves.

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Comments on “Supreme Court Mulls Library Net Filtering”

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Orion888 says:

No Subject Given

When a kid wants access to the Internet at a library, an account should be created for that kid that, by default, blocks any questionable sites. If that kid’s parents want the blocking turned off, then, by golly, they can tell the library to turn it off for their kid’s account, without affecting any other accounts.

Is there no blocking software that the libraries can use that allow this flexibility? If not, somebody should write it, sell it to the libraries, and put this utterly ridiculous issue to rest. This would put the power squarely in the hands of the individual parents, leaving the porn-surfers adults to freely persue their jollies.

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