MeshNetworks Wins OK For Hopped-Up Wireless

MeshNetworks, who has always talked a good game, has received the official okay from the FCC to start selling its wireless technology. For years people have been talking about setting up the ability to extend the range of various wireless solutions by offering “hopping” technology that basically turns any wireless receiver into an access point as well – extending the range of the initial wireless access point. The article suggests that the company’s plans may be undermined by the cheap price of WiFi access points these days, saying that companies don’t need this hopping solution if they can just plunk down an extra $150 for another access point. I still think that there will be some applications where a MeshNetwork type solution could be useful, but it’s unclear how big that market really is. I also wonder if there will be (mostly misleading) security backlash on such things. People might freak out when they think that someone else’s wireless connection is running through their laptop.

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