NASA Scuttles Plan For Moon-Landing Book

from the oh-well dept

Last week we had the story of NASA’s plans to write a book proving that the moonlanding really happened. Apparently, the response to that story seemed so discouraging to NASA that they’ve now killed the plan. They gave some money to the author for work he had already done, thanked him, and sent him on his way. I know a lot of people felt that there was really no reason to respond to the conspiracy nutcases, but I still think the book would have been interesting.

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Comments on “NASA Scuttles Plan For Moon-Landing Book”

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Steve says:

No win situation

Ignoring the nutcases didn’t work because they just kept at it, and if anything actually convinced more “average Joes” of their nutcase ideas. So NASA figured why not just do a book–it’s would be easy to disprove the nutcase’s “logic” and maybe then they’d shut the hell up. But of course announcing the book meant giving at least a shred of credibility to the nutcases. And it was an opportunity for them to say “See, look at how defensive NASA is, they’ve got something to hide.”

I can see why they decided to pull it–the nutcases won’t be convinced no matter what, and the average Joe who is not a nutcase but just susceptible to nutcase logic (which can at times sound convincing to the less educated) won’t read the book anyway because people who actually read a lot would never believe the nutcases in the first place.

They should just come out with an TV show slamming the POS Fox put on the air promoting the nutcases’ story. You would think some channel would publish it just as a chance to make Fox look dumb.

Personally I get really pissed when something is passed off as true when it isn’t–for example, we only use 10% of our brain right? Nope it’s a lie. And Columbus was so brave to ‘sall the ocean blue’, because everyone thought the earth was flat right? Nope, another lie.

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