Disney Battles Coupon Goof

from the should-have-known-better dept

You would think, these days, that anyone who’s done anything with online shopping in the past few years would know not to hand out a single coupon code for online purchases if they didn’t want that code to be used over and over and over again. It seems that Disney hired someone who had never been on the internet to design a coupon promotion which did exactly that. They gave out coupons to people who shopped in their brick and mortar stores, each of which had one of two coupon codes for additional online purchases. Not surprisingly, those coupon codes were posted all over the internet and people started using them, over and over and over again. In the middle of all this, Disney suddenly changed the rules, saying anyone with the coupon would now need to send it in for a refund, instead of punching in the code. They also went back and changed what they charged some people. Those people are, understandably, furious. If history is any precedant, angry customers screaming about this will make Disney reverse course and honor the purchases people made.

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