Net Shoppers Prepared To Wait For Free Delivery

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I imagine this will come as a surprise to very few people, but it seems that online shoppers are willing to wait a few extra days for delivery if it means that there are no shipping fees. This seems really obvious to me. If you’ve decided to buy something online, it suggests that it’s not incredibly urgent for you to get the product. If you wanted it right away, you would go down to the store to get it. So, once people have agreed to wait to receive whatever they’ve bought, they’re certainly willing to wait a few extra days to make it cheaper. I also think most people don’t believe that it really does take longer. In my experiences in ordering products that are promised to come in 7 to 10 business days, they usually arrive in 2 to 3 days.

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Comments on “Net Shoppers Prepared To Wait For Free Delivery”

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Another_Mike says:

Shipping Fees

Actually, I’m just the opposite – if I can get expeditied or overnight shipping for only a few dollars more, I’ll take it almost every time. But then that’s when I’m shopping for things we can’t get in our rural area, and particularly when shopping for entertainment products; books, video games, etc.

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: Shipping Fees

I’m the same as the previous poster. Usually by the time I finally commit to an online order, I’ve spent days (or more) comparison pricing at a variety of online retailers, reading reviews, etc., and so when I place my order I usually pay the extra few bucks (which I’ve already saved by shopping around) to get it next or second day.

About the only exception is when I order power tools. I get a lot of my tools from Harbor Freight Tools and they offer free shipping on a lot of their big, bulky items, so it’s worth the few days wait to get it freighted to your house than it is to try to pay for a ‘fast’ delivery of a 200 lb tool.

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