When Blogs Beat Out Traditional News Sources

from the feeding-the-frenzy dept

Wired is positioning the following story as being about one of the hostages in the Moscow theater getting news about the situation out by mobile phone. However, almost the entire article is actually about how the Russian LiveJournal community spreads news throughout the country via the various blogs run by Russian citizens. It brings up all the same questions raised by all the blogkids who suddenly see themselves replacing traditional journalists. It seems, though, that this is simpy a good example of why both systems are likely to co-exist. The traditional news reporters have one purpose, while the blogs are designed to focus in on different details, get unheard voices out, and critique the media’s coverage. I still don’t see them as competing. However, for all the American blogkids wondering when a major news event would be told by blog, perhaps this is a good case study.

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