Ubiquitous Technology In The Home

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Lots of tech and consumer electronics companies are pushing forward with their visions of ubiquitous technology all around the home. Red Herring looks briefly at all the various projects that companies are using to see how people might interact with such technology in their homes. It seems that just about everyone has some sort of “home of the future” project going on. I think it would be more interesting to remember what all these places are predicting, and then look back a few decades from now to see how wrong they were.

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Comments on “Ubiquitous Technology In The Home”

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Saygin? says:

No Subject Given

I’m an avid gadget freak. I wouldn’t mind using an oversize OLED as the drapes in my living room, (Or better yet, as wallpaper), while confirming my refrigerator’s request for more milk through the wrist-worn remote of my Media PC. However, the connectivity in the home talk strkes me as nothing more than those 50’s era car shows that promised cars which converted to airplanes.

We’ve heard it before, and it won’t pan out that way. One major reason I suspect is that people want to be left alone when they go home, and today’s connectivity technologies all have the smell of the office on them. Email, cell phones, beepers, faxes, all have been co-opted by business to keep us working longer and crowd out the concept of leisure time. So, gadget fan that I am, if given the choice of total connectivity or the solitude of my home with family and friends, I’m gonna opt for the warm fireplace, slippers, pipe and puppy.

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