Australians Log Off The Web

from the who-needs-it? dept

A new study in Australia suggests that internet adoption in the home may have reached a peak. For the first time, the number of people in the country who accessed the internet from home last quarter fell from the previous quarter. Internet access from work continued to rise. I’m a little skeptical of both the study and its results and would like to see a little more info before I believe that folks in Australia are really “logging off”. However, it does serve as a reminder that at some point, internet growth must slow down. So much of the internet hype was based on the idea that the ridiculous growth levels of the mid to late 90s would continue forever.

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Comments on “Australians Log Off The Web”

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Al says:

No Subject Given

Broadband in Australia is difficult/impossible to get in most areas. In fact, I live in a capital city, and can’t acess it norcan I get ADSL.If you live in or around Syndey or Melbourne you are set but otherwise, it’s pretty difficult to get.

Last time Bill Gates visited Australia he said at least one thing that I agreed with; he told us that we are in the dark ages so far as broadband coverage is concerned. Thus, not so many people here are able to do the internet intensive stuff such as play online games, download movies and music, surf slow-loading flash sites and so on.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Broadband only used for pr0n, gamerz

It’s time the Minister of Technology address a larger and more serious threat to Austrailia. Paper. Think about it. What is Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler printed on? The internet and PAPER! Where does one find sexually explicit articles and stories? On the internet and in a magazine? And what are magazines printed on? PAPER! Don’t get me started on playing cards! There are too many card games to list. What card cards printed on? PAPER, PAPER and more PAPER!

I know what you’re thinking. How can I equate the evils of the internet to paper. Believe me when I say that paper is far worse than the internet. After you are done with the internet does it sit in a landfill? Do websites blow down the street and sanitation concerns when they are no longer relivent? Was this site,, created with any chemicals that could be harmless? Have you, your loved ones or any one you know ever cut themselves with a website? How many fatal fire have been started with a webpage?

As you can see, paper is far more dangerous. Austrailians cannot be trusted with such a dangerous and potentially letal material! Any responsible government could clearly see the hazards of paper in the hands of the careless and reckless. I urge the government of Austrailia to ban this substance before anyone else gets hurt.

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