Network Experiments With Integrated Ads

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I’ve said before that broadcasters who decry the death of commercials due to things like TiVo are simply uncreative, and afraid to deal with the fact that TV is changing. We’ve already written about one network that has experimented with a business model that doesn’t rely on traditional commercials and now the NY Times has an article about the Fine Living network, which is experimenting with integrating advertisements and sponsorhsips directly into their shows. I don’t necessarily agree with the end result, or have any idea if viewers will respond positively to such things, but I do think it’s a good thing that the networks are at least experimenting with new models. It means that (at least some) broadcasters will eventually figure out ways to deal with the changing environment they face, rather than kicking and screaming about how viewers who go to the fridge during a commercial are “stealing” from them.

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Comments on “Network Experiments With Integrated Ads”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Try some creativity

The SuperBowl is the prime example. People hang around to watch the commercials as well as the game. Both are topics of conversation the next day. I can still remember commercials from years back but can’t remember the games. For some reason advertisers don’t feel the need to be creative for more than one day a year.

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