Get Chipped At A Discount

from the sickening dept

A couple days ago we mentioned that it appeared that (once again) ADS’s VeriChip had received FDA approval, even though the company had lied about such things in the past. It didn’t take the company long to roll out their big promotions to convince people to cyborg themselves. They’re even offering a discount to early adopters. It’s kind of scary that a company would hold a promotional campaign for such things, and that anyone would be willing to stick one of these devices in their body from a company that has shown a pattern of lying to the public.

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Comments on “Get Chipped At A Discount”

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R E (user link) says:

Verichip - Mark of the Beast???

Its interesting –

There are quite a few Christian websites indicating that the Verichip / Veripay microchip implant could be the Mark of the Beast (666).

A greek rendering of the word “mark” is “stigma” meaning to stick or prick, as with a sharp object.

Since the device can be used like an RFID credit card, and since it is being promoted for positive identification for Ecommerce – wow, we might have a winner.

Now if we only had a person whose name added up to 666? Well try a google search: Prince Charles, 666, or Pope, 666, Beast, Antichrist… hmmmmmmm.

I wouldn’t take one of these things if you put a gun to my head.

Speaking of heads – the Bible speaks of Christians being beheaded for refusing the “Mark” (stick or prick as with a needle)…

Don’t Muslims execute some prisoners by beheading??? in the 21st Century? And they hate Christians????

Wow… ya gotta love that Bible – accurate as always…

See for more fun facts, and the desperate need to clean up your life before it is too late…

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