Studios, RIAA Warning CEOs About File Trading

from the FUD dept

The latest aggressive misstep by the music industry is to send letters to various company CEOs warning them about (gasp!) employees who might be file sharing on their networks. This is a fear tactic, as they can’t go after the people violating the law themselves, so they want to make companies be forced to police their own employees. This isn’t a surprise after the significantly overhyped “bust” of a company that had MP3s on their internal network, and who agreed to pay $1 million. I still think that story has to be a hoax, somehow, set up by the music industry. I find it hard to believe any company would “settle” for a million dollars because a few of their employees had some MP3s on an internal server. Either way, this is more scare tactics from the music industry, rather than facing the actual issues related to their out-of-date business model.

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Comments on “Studios, RIAA Warning CEOs About File Trading”

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GuyJean (user link) says:


“The RIAA is about to absolutely *lose*it*. Marvel at the borderless nature of the web, and check out It is a Spanish site with, it claims, the legal right to sell MP3s from such artists as the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, J-Lo, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith… was founded in December 1997. Chaired by Pilar Abuin, it was the first musical web to sign agreements with the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (Spanish Association of Authors and Editors) (SGAE) in October 1998 and with the Asociacion de Artistas, Interpretes y Ejecutantes (Association of Artists, Performers and Players) (AIE) in June 1999, hence complying with the Law of Intellectual Property.

They have a load of different offers, including all you can download over a weekend for ?9 (US$9) and eight hours over night for ?1.65 – that’s a buck fifty.

Future of music. One big lawsuit waiting to happen. Viva l’Espana.”

Concerned citizen says:

Send the a REAL message

You want to screw with the RIAA…..

send them a real message. Stop using their product for a day or a week. Stop listening to their music. Stop buying their albums. Go read a book. How about that for sending a message.

They want us to have their product, but only the way they want it. Screw that! They want to control us? Show them that we control them!

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