Wireless Wonders, Revenue Worries – CTIA Previews

As CTIA gets underway there will be no shortage of articles talking about things announced at the show. To get you started, we’ve got the News.com article that talks about how the show is expected to show companies pushing wireless data options over just voice. For years the show has always shown future plans for data offerings, but this year, the focus seems to be on getting people to use data now. Wired also has their own preview of the show which says similar things. The Wired article also makes a point that shows how much many of the carriers clearly don’t get it. Apparently the carriers (and many analysts) are surprised that many people are suddenly upgrading their mobile phones. The thing is, they’re not upgrading them to get access to wireless data, specifically. They’re upgrading to get phones with color screens. That’s what they care about. The fact that those phones also offer easier access to data is simply a bonus. Yet, the carriers still feel the need to promote the various data services over the clear, colorful screens.

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