Flarion's High Wireless Act

Red Herring has a very interesting article all about Flarion and their “4G” technology for wireless. If you haven’t been following Flarion, they built a wireless system that was built from scratch instead of having it be an upgrade of existing wireless technologies, which lets them offer data rates significantly higher than what current 3G plans offer. However, since it’s an entirely new approach, Flarion would need carriers to admit they were wrong, completely ditch their 3G plans, and sign up with Flarion. While this was unthinkable a year ago, it’s become more feasible these days (though, still well short of a sure thing). The article also compares them to IP Wireless, who makes a solution that does upgrade from older technologies. I’m certainly not convinced that Flarion will survive (in fact, it sounds like they’re fairly desperate for a carrier to sign them up), but it could be interesting to see what does become of them (or their technology).

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