AOL Drops Pop-ups

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In contrast to Yahoo’s stated policy that they want to make advertisements as intrusive as possible, AOL has apparently realized that customers don’t actually like it when you bombard them with pop up ads. Thus, they’re getting rid of third party pop up ads as part of their new offering. They’ll still give uses pop up ads directly from AOL about AOL – and this, of course, does nothing to stop pop up ads when surfing the web, but at least it’s a start. It’s amazing to me that more companies haven’t realized that such intrusive advertising doesn’t help anyone. All it does is piss off users, which always seems like a bad strategic move.

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Comments on “AOL Drops Pop-ups”

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Nancy says:


AOL says they are getting rid of pop ups, but the day they provided their ‘Blocking Pop-Ups’ Preference, AOL bombarded us with pop-ups! They come up when I’m typing an e-mail, move my icon somewhere else, so I still have to wait for the pop up beginner screen to go away, then click on the last word I was typing to TRY and finish a word or two before the next AOL pop up comes flying in again for them to ‘block’. Once I get 23 blocks, my computer gives up the ghost and I have to reboot because there are so many pop ups in the background doing their graphic thing. Then, when I want to shut my AOL down, I have to X out of every pop up that is now on my computer. I call the ones that have telephone numbers, and tell them I will NEVER do business with them BECAUSE they use pop up advertising, and I recommend that everyone do the same thing in order for these people to get the message that everyone HATES pop ups. GIVE ME SPAM EMAIL ANYDAY COMPARED TO POP UPS. At least I can remove spam email at my leisure and it doesn’t interfere with my business and letter writing. Pop ups are the VERY WORST FORM OF SPAM and AOL is PROMOTING IT! WHAT A JOKE!


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