We Now Know How Taiwan Would Rule On Eldred vs. Ashcroft

from the set-Mickey-free dept

The US is apparently angry at Taiwan, and calling Taiwan all sorts of names because they won’t extend copyrights to the same ridiculous length as the US has, meaning that certain early Disney movies are now in the public domain in Taiwan. Yes, this is the exact same issue that was just argued in front of the Supreme Court. It appears the Taiwanese government would be on Larry Lessig’s side. The US trade official said the issue of extending copyrights was only a “side issue” and they’re really more angry over Taiwan’s refusal to crackdown on pirated CDs and DVDs made in Taiwan.

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Comments on “We Now Know How Taiwan Would Rule On Eldred vs. Ashcroft”

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1 Comment
kai says:

taiwan IP protection?

Just a datapoint on this, but I visited Taiwan recently, and wanted to buy a fake rolex (if you’ve visited NYC, you know fake rolexes are easy to find). I asked my relatives, who live in Taiwan, and we went all over the city looking for them. We couldn’t find any! We were told that the government had shut down all the places selling them. I don’t know about DVD’s, but I do believe it’s easier to get fake rolexes in the US than in Taiwan.

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