Movie Studio Using Kazaa

from the amazing dept

Could it be that a movie studio is starting to understand the power of file sharing? I’m not holding my breath, but it is encouraging to hear that Lions Gate Entertainment is putting up trailers for one of their new movies on Kazaa, saying that “you can’t ignore these networks” (unfortunately the article is only available behind the registration only LA Times – I’ll keep looking for a non reg-required version and post it if I find it). While it’s not a full blown acceptance, and it’s not even using Kazaa-proper – but instead the Altnet “trojan horse” network that was hidden within Kazaa – it’s still mildly encouraging to see a film studio at least acknolwedge file sharing can be useful for promotional purposes. It’s also a little odd to find out that Microsoft is actually paying for all of this, as a way to promote their new media player. It’s also unclear if the trailer has any sort of copy protection included.

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