Government Suggests Carmakers Talk To Doctors

from the berating-the-obvious? dept

I have to admit that the following report made me wonder about a few things. It’s the news that a government appointed group, the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, has suggested to automobile manufacturers that perhaps they should talk to doctors when designing their various emergency systems. So, my first response to this was, “well, duh!” Why, exactly, do we need a government appointed group to suggest what appears to be incredibly obvious? However, then, the second (vaguely horrifying) thought wave came along and said “you mean automakers don’t do this already?” Exactly what have carmakers been relying on in designing the emergency systems for their cars?

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Comments on “Government Suggests Carmakers Talk To Doctors”

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1 Comment
J. Devine says:

Doctor's are helping

I was in a car crash approximately 10 weeks ago. Both my legs and left arm were broken. While recovering in the hospital I was approached by a doctor who was doing research for “airbags for the knees”. I was able to provide them info about my accident that may or may not have assisted them. Someone out there is working on safety issues in vehicles, I hope it is the auto industry.

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