Google Backlash

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We’ve already posted a few articles about people who hate Google or people who wonder if Google can remain the beloved site that it is. Now Wired is running an article about a bunch of angry geeks, who are upset with the latest Google refresh. The claims are that the results are a lot worse than they used to be, with more “spam” websites showing up on searches, and lots of dead links as well. I use Google quite a bit and haven’t noticed a problem. I do get a fair amount of dead links, but didn’t notice any more than usual (besides, when I get a dead link, I just use the Google cache feature to find out what was there). Overall, this sounds like a few people overreacting.

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Comments on “Google Backlash”

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1 Comment
David says:

Ah, wired...

It’s Wired desperate for a eye-catching headline – though to be fair, the article does go on to say that the complainers are general SEO companies who suddenly find they’re not as popular as they were. Personally, I’ve noticed my own site (no name-dropping!) jump from 16th to 12th in a google search for the most relevant keyword. So I’m happy…

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