Misled Musicians Complaining To The Government

from the oh,-you-and-your-poor-wallet dept

The music industry sent various musicians up to the California state senate to whine about the dangers of downloaded music. The quotes in the article are a bit scary. They run from the basic “downloading is theft” to calling this a “cancer”. I’m sorry. Listening to music is a cancer? Getting to hear music that we might never have heard otherwise is immoral? Finding out about wonderful bands that don’t necessarily have a huge recording contract is “strip mining… our cultural heritage”? The scariest part of the article is that no one seems to question these claims.

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Comments on “Misled Musicians Complaining To The Government”

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1 Comment
bytehead says:

No Subject Given

The scariest part of the article is that no one seems to question these claims.

Pretty SOP for the government. If you express a viewpoint contrary to somebody’s opinion on the commitee/whatever, you might get away with it once, but you won’t be called back to testify ever again. Is it any wonder that the government is so screwed up?

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