Boucher Bill Introduced

from the some-good-things,-some-less-good-things dept

As expected (and as mentioned earlier), Rick Boucher officially released his proposed legislation for changing the DMCA today, along with support from a bunch of technology companies. Even though we mentioned this last night, this article gives a lot more in the way of details. It puts some fair use exemptions into the DMCA, getting rid of the things that have caused the most outrageous abuses of the law (things like preventing Ed Felten from speaking, the arrest of Sklyarov, and the banning of anyone linking to DeCSS code). However, it also has some other things that might not be so good. It would require copy protected CDs to be clearly labled, but some feel this could just drive up the cost of CDs for consumers. Either way, this bill isn’t going to be passed any time soon. It’s definitely a good thing to see, though.

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